Regular Savings

An interest-bearing deposit. It is evidenced by a passbook and can be drawn anytime within the banking hours. Withdrawal can be made upon presentation of a properly accomplished withdrawal slip together with the corresponding passbook.

Eligibility Criteria

​Requirements in Account Opening 

For individual

For Organization/Corporation

Basic Deposit Account

Basic Deposit Account

Provides financial access to communities giving these “unbanked” individual accesses to a formal banking system educating them on savings & investments.

Provides a financial literacy education which will orient client’s members of 4P’s Program, Farmers Associations, Cooperative Members with their respective family members instilling them the knowledge and value of money, savings and investments.

Minimum Deposit Amount: P100.00; if student we allow minimum of P50.00

Basic Qualification Requirements:

Time Deposit

Regular Time Deposit Account

Time Deposits represent interest-bearing deposits with specific maturity dates and evidenced by Certificate of Time Deposit issued by the Bank. 

It is an investment with optional term and a predetermined maturity which offers a higher interest maximizing client’s return of investment.

Minimum Investment Amount: P10,000.00

Maximum Investment Amount: P10,000,000.00

Term: 30 days – 360 days

​Requirements in Account Opening 

For individual /joint accounts

 For Corporate accounts

High Five Time Deposit

High Five Time Deposit Account

A non-taxable 5 years Investment which offers a higher interest return with tax refund credited at the end of term giving client better earning over a long period of time.

Minimum Investment Amount: P100,000.00

Maximum Investment Amount: P3,000,000.00 and above

Term: 5 years

​Requirements in Opening Account

For individual /joint accounts

 For Corporate accounts

Student Saver's Account

A deposit product offered to children, kids and young teens aging 0-16 years instilling the value of having a savings at very early stage allocating and establishing fund sources for future needs and expenses.

Minimum Deposit Account: P20.00 monthly average daily balance of P500.00 to earn interest.

Basic Qualification Requirements:

·        At least 1 valid  ID

·        Latest 2 copies of 2x2 or 1x1 pictures


For Ages 0-6 years old MUST BE opened as ITF accounts wherein parents or guardians are the one signing transactions.

Once the account is opened as an ITF account, the Trustee and the beneficiary shall INDIVIDUALLY comply with the SAME BASIC QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENT.

      For Ages 7-16 years old the client MAY OPT to have it as an ITF or Single Depositor Account where the child, kid or young adult can sign the documents on any transactions provided he/she is still guided by the parent or the guardian.